Real estate

You can register transfer of ownership in connection with purchases and sales, gifts, advances on inheritance, transfers between spouses and co-habitants, and in the event of divorce or break-up, by filling out a deed (skjøte).

What is a deed?

A deed is a form that allows a title holder to transfer his property to another person. The Norwegian name for a deed is "skjøte". A new deed must be filled out when transferring real estate. This applies both when the entire property is to be transferred to a new owner or when adjusting the ownership ratio between co-owners.

Unit in housing cooperative

In order to register the transfer of a unit in a housing cooperative, you need to use the form entitled “Transfer of lawful title to unit in housing cooperative”.

Two copies

You must send two copies of the deed to the Norwegian Mapping Authority when registering. You can either send two original deeds or the original deed and a copy.

When submitting documents for registration a duplicate must be enclosed. Professional operators must also confirm that the duplicate is correct, for example, with a certified true copy.

One copy will be archived with the Norwegian Mapping Authority following registration and will then be used to verify whether the original document has been correctly registered if any doubt should arise.

Signatures and witnesses

The deed must be signed by hand by the person or persons who owns/own and has/have registered title to the property, and this signature must be certified.

The witnesses must be two people of legal age who permanently reside in Norway, but who are not close family of the person or persons receiving the property in the deed. This therefore means that spouses, parents, children or siblings of the person who receives the property cannot witness the signature of the person who transfers the property. Read more information on witnesses.

In some cases, it will be practical to use a power of attorney.


The person who buys or receives the property must always either apply for a concession, or fill out a self-declaration of exemption from the concession requirement, or prove that this is not necessary. Documentation that the matter of concession is in order must be registered in the municipal cadastre before the deed is sent for registration.

Fees and stamp duty

The fee for registering a deed is NOK 500. The stamp duty of 2.5 per cent of the property's market value is also charged. There are some exemptions to the obligation to pay the stamp duty.

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