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Application for D-number

The Norwegian Mapping Authority can obtain a D-number for foreign nationals who require this in connection with registration in the Land Registry. Fill out the application form and enclose this with the registration documentation.

Application for D-number

What is a D-number?

A D-number is an identification number for persons who do not have a Norwegian national identity number and who have a direct connection to Norway. The number is assigned by the National Population Register following an application from an approved requisitioner. The document will be registered on the date we received the case from the National Population Register, with the assigned D-number.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority can only obtain a D-number for persons who require this for a registration in the Land Registry.

People who intend to reside in Norway for six months or more must contact the local tax office to report that they have moved to Norway. They need to document legal residence and will be registered as a resident and assigned a Norwegian national identity number (fødselsnummer). Read more about moving to Norway at the website of the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Procedure for applying for a D-number

Foreign heirs to Norwegian deceased estates

In order to register documents of title for foreign heirs to Norwegian deceased estates, we require a D-number if the heir will remain as the owner of the property.

Read more about inheritance.

If the property is to be sold or transferred as part of the probate settlement, it is sufficient that the foreign heir is identified by name and date of birth in the declaration of ownership.

Send the forms to:

Real property

  • Kartverket Tinglysing
    Postboks 600 Sentrum
    3507 Hønefoss

Housing cooperative

  • Kartverket Ullensvang
    Postboks 200
    5788 Kinsarvik