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Housing cooperatives

In order to register the transfer of ownership of a unit in a housing cooperative the form “Transfer of title of a unit in a housing cooperative” (“Overføring av hjemmel til andel i borettslag”) must be completed and signed. Housing cooperative units are exempt from stamp duty.

Fill out the form for transferring units

In order to register the transfer of a unit in a housing cooperative, please fill out the form entitled "Overføring av hjemmel til andel i borettslag“ (Transfer of title of unit in a housing cooperative). This applies to transfers which follow sales or other types of transfers. The above-mentioned form can also be used if the ownership ratio between the co-owners needs to be adjusted.

When filling out the form, you must identify the housing cooperative unit with the housing cooperative’s organisation number and the unit number. If you do not know these identification numbers, please contact the business manager of the housing cooperative for further information.

Housing cooperative unit or owner of a condominium

Housing cooperative unit and owner of a condominium are two different forms of residence. This article addresses housing cooperative units. If you are uncertain as to your form of residence, you can check with the board of the condominium. For condominium units, you will need to fill out the deed in order to register the transfer of title.

Signature and witnesses

The transfer form must be signed by hand by the person who owns and has the lawful title to the housing cooperative unit. This signature must be verified by two witnesses.

The witnesses must be two persons of legal age who permanently reside in Norway. Witnesses cannot be close family members of the person or persons receiving the housing cooperative unit. This means that spouses, parents, children or siblings of the person who receives the unit cannot witness the signature of the person who transfers the unit.

In some cases, it will be practical to use a power of attorney.

Registration fee

The fee for registering transfer of title of a housing cooperative unit is NOK 480. There is no stamp study for transferring housing cooperative units.

Pre-emption rights and notice to the housing cooperative or business manager

It is stipulated in the articles of association of most housing cooperatives that the housing cooperative must approve new owners. It is also standard practice that other unit owners in the housing cooperative or housing association have a pre-emption right when a housing cooperative unit is to be sold. You must therefore remember to report the transfer of ownership to the business manager of the housing cooperative and test the pre-emption right before sending the transfer of title for registration.

Do I need to check for concession?

It is not a requirement to apply for concession when purchasing or receiving a housing cooperative unit.

If the housing cooperative is located in a municipality which has a reduced concession limit you may have to fill out a self-declaration of exemption from the concession requirement.  For more information regarding concession, please contact the municipality where the housing cooperative is located.

The original self-declaration must be sent for registration together with the other documentation.


Send the forms to:

  • Kartverket Ullensvang
    Postboks 200
    5788 Kinsarvik